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2 Months

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Weekend(Sat & Sun)

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3 Live Projects


12 Exercises

About the course

UiPath is an leading RPA platform that helps the organization to effectively automate business processes. RPA UiPath is an open platform which is easy to learn and collaborate. It is also extensible, features hundreds of built-in, customizable and deep integrations with ERP, BPM and AI technologies. It produces rapid results and proven to deliver 40% faster automation design and deployment. Using RPA UiPath we can train the bots through machine learning and they are enterprise scalable and secured.

The RPA training course in Delhi is performed by experienced instructors with help of updates course material which is combined with excellent learning environment and innovative features.

  • Recreate human interaction, like working with mouse and keyboard commands or filling form, typing and extracting content, for basic UI automation.
  • To perform Image and Text Automation using OCR or Image recognition.
  • Creating trigger-based events and actions performed on the machine.
  • Perform browser automation, interaction and manipulation.
  • Work on data by adding more information or by obtaining information.
  • Performing actions on machine like how a normal human being works on it.

Who should take the course ?

  • Project Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • IT professionals
  • BPO executives
  • Supply chain management executive
  • Finance professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Manual Tester


  • The course enables you to create the automated projects in sequence and workflow.
  • Helps in creating a workflow by using various objects and processes
  • Makes you a PRO to work on any domains such as finance, insurance, and software, to name a few.
  • Offers a thorough knowledge on UiPath orhachester, administrator panel, and system tools.
  • Teaches you to design backend bots and deploy them easily.
  • Enables you to design automation strategy using orhachester and bots.
  • Offers skills in User, Roles, and Permission
  • Gives an insight on infrastructure and installation models


Why RPA?
What is RPA
What is UiPath
RPA Tools(Blue Prism vs AA vs UiPath)
Installation of UiPath
Overview of UiPath(UiPath Studio,Robots,Orchachestor)
Building your First Robots
Forum Learning Resources
RPA Process Condidate Selection

Recording, wizards and Ui Explorer
Execute ribbon and debugger
Projects panel
Activities panel
Snippets panel
Panel mechanics
Properties panel
Outline panel and navigation
Output panel and logging events
Creating variables
Assigning variables
Variable scope
Creating arguments
Data transfer
Practice, Questions and exercise

Data Types
If Else
Do While and For Each Activities
vb.NET code within your workflows
Practice, Questions and exercise

Input dialog
Open browser and search
Scrape web data
Using conditions
Assigning values to variables
String concatenation
Using the ‘Or’condition
Practice, Questions and exercise

Create a new process
Create new .xaml files
Read data from Excel
Excel Application Scope properties
While loop and counter
Typing into input fields
Using the ‘If’ activity
[Activity] Type into
Handling execution errors
Click UI element
Copy-pasting activities
Indicating selectors
Clearing input fields
Parallel activity and invoking workflow files
Practice, Questions and exercise

Read range activity
For each row in data table
Using the Get Row Item activity
Testing variables using Write Line activity
Get row item
Using the Anchor Base activity
Screening activities
Practice, Questions and exercise

Input dialog
Open browser
Hover activity
Using the Data scraping Wizard
Sorting a data table
Output data table
Build data table
Export data to Excel
Filter data table
String manipulation
Demonstrating string manipulation
Extracting terms from a sentence
Practice, Questions and exercise

Preparing our Robot 5 folder
Assigning file paths
Start process
Log message
Send hotkeys
Selectors and wildcards
Scrape PDF text
Using the Outline Panel
Write cell headlines
Export data using Write Cell activity
Write cell data
Practice, Questions and exercise

Assign file paths
Read PDF with OCR
Attach window
Screen scraping wizard
Get OCR text
Message box
Append line
Practice, Questions and exercise

Why email automation?
Reading and sending mails
Get IMAP mail message
For each mail
Switch activity
Save emails
Save attachments
Send SMTP Mail Message
Email template
Attach screenshot to email
Send mail
Create a new list
Add data to list
Create an output report
Success email template
Practice, Questions and exercise

UiPath Orchestrator Overview
Orchestrator activities
Connecting Robot
Create an environment and associate the robot
Publish a package
Create a process from the package
Run a robot and examine logs
Queues in Orchestrator
Schedule and run an unattended robot
Practice, Questions and exercise

Level 1-Foundation Training(Certification)
Level 2-Orchestrator Training(Certification)
Level 3-Advanced Training(Certification)
Assignment 1 -Calculate Client Security Hash
Assignment 2 – Generate Yearly Report
Practice, Questions and exercise

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