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2 Months

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Weekend(Sat & Sun)

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3 Lives Project


12 Exercises

About the course

Tableau is the most powerful, secure and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data. Elevate people with the power of data. Designed for the individual; scaled for the enterprise. Tableau is the only business intelligence platform that turns your data into insights that drive action.

Tableau Prep is how you get your data ready for analysis. Empower more people to quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data.

Tableau Desktop is where the analysis happens. With an easy to use interface, Tableau Desktop changed the business intelligence industry.

Who can take up the course?

There is a huge demand and scope for Tableau in the IT sector as the course is all about extracting information from the database thereby assisting in decision making. Being a new emerging sector in IT, individuals with Tableau training can fetch higher packages.


  • The course is absolutely practical and real-time based on theory material provided in advance.
  • The sessions are interactive and interesting
  • All the queries are answered along with guidance on certification
  • The students have 24*7 server access with real-time DBs
  • It enables you to design charts, maps, dashboards, and gauges with SQL and MDX.
  • It helps in implementing end-to-end Tableau projects
  • It enables you to implement MDX Security, Actions, Write back, Tabular Cubes.


Why use Tableau?
What is Tableau
A Brief History of Tableau
Ponnecting to Data & Introduction to data source concepts
Understanding the Tableau workspace
Dimensions and Measures
Data Types & Default Properties
Tour of Shelves & Marks Card
Using Show Me
Building basic views
Saving and Sharing your work-overview

Multiple Table Join
Data Blending
Difference between joining and blending data, and when we should do each
Working with the Data Engine / Extracts
Working with Custom SQL
Toggle between to Direct Connection and Extracts
Practice, Questions and exercise

Date Aggregations and Date parts
Cross tab & Tabular charts
Totals & Subtotals
Bar Charts & Stacked Bars
Line Graphs with Date & Without Date
Tree maps
Scatter Plots
Box and Whisker’s Plots
Gantt Charts
Waterfall Charts
Pareto Charts
Control Charts
Funnel Charts
Practice, Questions and exercise

Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard (overview)
Making your worksheet interactive by using actions
Creating a Customer Segmentation Dashboard
Advanced Dashboard Interactivity
Analyzing the Customer Segmentation Dashboard
Creating a Storyline
Practice, Questions and exercise

Project Brief: Coal Terminal Utilization Analysis
Creating Multiple Joins in Tableau
Calculated Fields vs Table Calculations
Creating Advanced Table Calculations
Saving a Quick Table Calculation
Specifying Direction of Computation
Writing your own Table Calculations
Adding a Second Layer Moving Average
Quality Assurance For Table Calculations
Trendlines for Power-Insights
Creating a Storyline
Executive Report is Ready
Practice, Questions and exercise

Project Brief: Regional Profit Analysis
Preparing the workbook
Aggregation and Granularity (refresher)
LOD Calculations Intuition
Understanding ATTR() in Tableau
LOD Type 2: EXCLUDE (Part 1)
LOD Type 2: EXCLUDE (Part 2)
Multiple fields in an LOD Calculation
Finalizing the Visualization
Practice, Questions and exercise

Introduction to Tableau Prep,
how Tableau Prep helps to quickly combine join,
shape and clean data for analysis,
The Challenge: Startup Expansion Analytics
Custom Territories Via Groups
Custom Territories Via Geographic Roles
Adding a Highlighter
Clustering In Tableau
Cross-Database Joins
Modeling With Clusters
Data Interpreter
Splitting a Column into Multiple Columns
MetaData Grid
Fixing Geographical Data Errors in Tableau
Project Brief: Retail Sector Forecasts
Building Box Plots in Tableau
Analysing Box Plots
Working with Large Data Sources
Pivot & Split
What Does Real World Retail Look Like?
Primary Use Case For Data Source Filters
Data Prep Exercise
Advanced Timeseries Blending
Calculating Sales Per Capita
Forecasting in Tableau
How to Present a Storyline
Practice, Questions and exercise

Project Brief: World Health Trends
Editing Blending Relationships
Building the Visualisation
Adding Animation
Manually Sorting Blended Data
Leaving a Trail in your Animations
Finalizing the Dashboard
Practice, Questions and exercise

Create Parameters, Parameters in Calculations,
Using Parameters with Filters,
Column Selection Parameters,
Project Brief: 1,000 Startups
Working with Groups
Creating Static Set
Creating Dynamic Set
Combining Sets
Controlling Sets With Parameters
Dashboard: The Startup Quadrant
Dashboard Tricks
Practice, Questions and exercise

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