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About the course

The MS SQL is an extensive training program which includes live projects and simulations. The training course helps the students in securing excellent jobs in MNCs. The trainers are corporate professionals who are specialists in specific subjects and provide in-depth insight on the MS SQL. The students have a host of lucrative job options on completion of the training course.

The best MS SQL training in Delhi is flexible with both weekdays and weekend classes depending on what suits the students. The institute is equipped with a modern lab along with separate modules for beginners, intermediates, and experts. The course offers best training environment at pocket friendly rates. Not just that, there are sessions for personality development and spoken English along with recruitment drives which help in fetching the best jobs from the industry.

Course details:

  • Introduction to MS SQL Server
  • SQL Server components and tools
  • Building the Database
  • Defining tables
  • Safeguarding data with constraints
  • Aggregating data with Analysis Services
  • Securing the database infrastructure

Who should take the course ?

MS SQL is one of the most sought-after skills by the IT employers. There are several job opportunities associated with

MS SQL and the course offers engineering students a promising future.

After the completion of course, the students can join the IT companies as a junior DBA, senior DBA, or Database Architecture Professional


  • The course doesn’t require the student to have a particular skill or experience.
  • It helps the students in working with core tools and components.
  • Offers an insight on how to manipulate and retrieve data
  • Helps in creating index and table structures along with building performance based applications.
  • Guides on how to manage, secure, backup and recover data.
  • MS SQL helps in enhancing the value of your platform.


  • Why SQL?
  • What is SQL Server?
  • Scope of SQL
  • Feature of SQL
  • History of SQL
  • Application Type
  • Primary Key
  • Not Null
  • Unique
  • Check
  • Default
  • Foreign Key
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • What is DDL?
  • What is DML?
  • What is DCL?
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • String Function, Numeric Function
  • Date Function, SQL Server Conversion Functions, Advanced Function,clause
  • IF-ELSE,case,while,cast,ranking,merge,pivot,Error handling
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • SELECT clause
  • FROM clause
  • WHERE clause
  • Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Full Join
  • Self Join, Cartesian join
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Views, Temp table vs temp variables
  • Derived table and CTE
  • Simple case study
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Clustered, NonClustered
  • Security, Union,Union All,Intersect,Minus
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Type of Function,
  • User Defined function-
  • Scalar, Table valued, Inline table valued
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Type of Stored procedure, simple sp,
  • Sp-single parameter,Sp-Mlti Parameter,Sp-Output,Sp under Sp,Alter,Drop,delete
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • What is Cursors?
  • Type of Cursors
  • Static Cursor, Dynamic cursor
  • Forward only static cursor
  • Forward only dynamic cursor
  • Local and Global Cursor
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Type of view-System, User
  • Information schema, Catalog,
  • Trigger-After(insert,update,delete),
  • Instead of(insert,update,delete)
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Create SQL query or Stored procedure to extract Claim TAT Report from claim table data.
  • Create SQL query or Stored procedure to extract TACB Report from 4 tables
  • Create SQL query or Stored procedure to extract Inward Report from inward table data.
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