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2 Months

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Weekend(Sat & Sun)

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3 Live Projects


12 Exercises

About the course

Blue Prism is a premium RPA tool which offers more agility to the workspace. RPA helps the organization in cutting the cost, increasing the productivity, and avoid human errors along with making the maintenance process easier.

Blue Prism offers quality data which can be used for consequential marketing intelligence and business intelligence to identify the real-time analytics, customer-behavior, and change in every action.

The RPA training course in Delhi is performed by experienced instructors with help of updates course material which is combined with excellent learning environment and innovative features.

  • The course will take you through:
  • Automation and scripting knowledge
  • Develop test and validate automation scripts
  • Perform data analysis on large data
  • Debug workflow
  • Branching in a workflow
  • User interface automation and data inputs
  • Leverage skills in passing data

Who should take the course ?

  • Project Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • IT professionals
  • BPO executives
  • Supply chain management executive
  • Finance professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Manual Tester


  • The course enables you to create the automated projects in process studio and object studio.
  • Helps in creating a workflow by using various objects and processes
  • Makes you a PRO to work on any domains such as finance, insurance, and software, to name a few.
  • Offers a thorough knowledge on Blue prism control room, administrator panel, and system tools.
  • Teaches you to design backend bots and deploy them easily.
  • Enables you to design automation strategy using control room, queues, and bots.
  • Offers skills in User, Roles, and Permission
  • Gives an insight on infrastructure and installation models


What is RPA?
Why use RPA?
RPA and Tool Overview
RPA Lifecycle Overview
Introduction Blue prism
Running a Process
Basic Skills
Process Validation
Decision Stage
Calculation Stage
Data Items
Practice, Questions and exercise
Circular Paths
Controlling Play
Set Next Stage
Collections and Loops
Layers of Logic
Pages for Organization
Practice, Questions and exercise
Input Parameters ,Stepping and Pages ,
Data Item Visibility ,Data Types ,Output
Parameters ,Start-up Parameters ,
Control Room ,Process Outputs
Practice, Questions and exercise
Object Studio
Business Objects
and Outputs
The Process Layer
Practice, Questions and exercise
Creating a Business Object, Application
Modeler , Spying Elements , Attributes ,
Attribute Selection , Launch , Wait ,
Timeouts , Terminate , Write , Press ,
Attach and Detach , Read , Actions ,
Action Inputs and Outputs , Data Items
as Inputs
Practice, Questions and exercise
Exception Handling
Recover and Resume
Throwing Exceptions
Preserving the Current Exception
Exception Bubbling
Exception Blocks
Exception Handling in Practice
Practice, Questions and exercise
Queue Items Commercial in
Work Queue Configuration , Defer ,
Attempts , Pause and Resume , Filters,
Practice, Questions and exercise
Safe Stop
Collection Actions
Choice Stage
Log Viewer
System Manager
Process/Business Object Grouping
Process and Object References
Export and Import
Release Manager – Packages and
Practice, Questions and exercise

Undefined Collections, Data Item Initialization ,Data Item ExposureCasting , Code Stage, Run ModeInitialize and Cleanup ,Attribute Match Types ,Dynamic Attributes, Active Accessibility, Application Manager Mode , Global Clicks and Keys, Credentials, Environment Locking, Command Line, Resource PCPractice, Questions and exercise

Mainframe Applications
Java Applications
Match Index and Match Reverse
Surface Automation
Practice, Questions and exercise
Project1 – PDF Invoice Data Scrapping
Project2 – Real Estate Web Scrapping
Project3 – Data Capturing
You will get Blue Prism Developer
Certification Question and Answer Set for
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