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Beginners to Advance


2 Months

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Weekend(Sat & Sun)

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3 Live Projects


12 Exercises

About the course

Automation Anywhere training course is designed for the professionals who work on automation projects as it helps them in polishing their automation skill set and making their organization automation ready in future. It is one of the leading RPA- Robotic Process Automation platform designed for modern business enterprise. The training not only offers an edge over others but also opens new path for your career as Robotics Process Automation is the future. The course will help the professional in gaining recognition in the workplace.

Highlights of the course

  • Understanding of UI automation and data inputs
  • About Debug workflow
  • Reusing automation which involves workflow and templates
  • Web automation which imports CSV to salesforce
  • Basic level skills in desktop automation
  • Leverages skill in passing data inside a workflow

Who should attend ?

The course is aimed at IT professionals who are willing to enhance their knowledge on automation and get an insight on branching the workflow. The course is perfect for:

  • Developers and testers
  • Operation professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • BPO professionals
  • Fresh graduates
  • Project Managers


  • The course enhances the knowledge on both basic level and advanced level along with offering an introduction to the UI automation
  • It leverages knowledge in passing the data inside a workflow
  • It helps in acquiring skills which help in branching a workflow
  • It also offers an insight on desktop automation
  • The course makes you skillful in Debug workflows and data inputs
  • It teaches you to drive the strategic and tactical roll out of the RPA solution


What is RPA?
Why use RPA?
RPA and Tool Overview
RPA Lifecycle Overview
Introduction to Automation anywhere

Navigation Menus
Task pane

Screen Recorder
Web Recorder
Smart Recorder
Properties, Schedule & Trigger
Practice, Questions and exercise

Task Editor Features
Actions List
Practice, Questions and exercise

Read from CSV/Text
Excel commands
Log to CSV/Text
Loop Commands
Data Extraction/Input (CSV and Text file)
Database Automation
Practice, Questions and exercise

Variable Operation Command
String Operation
PDF integration Command
IF/ELSE Command
Email Automation Command
File and Folder commands
PGP command
Practice, Questions and exercise

Exception Handling
Recover and Resume
Practice, Questions and exercise

Image Recognition
Object Cloning
Terminal Emulator
XML and Web Services
Practice, Questions and exercise

Metabot Overview
Metabot Creation
Understanding Metabot Designer
Sample Examples
Practice, Questions and exercise

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₹ 8,000 ₹ 7,000