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About the course

The advanced excel training enables you to carve a successful career as Data Analyst and makes for an excellent course for people aspiring to make a career in Analytics. The advanced excel course enlightens you on how to make insightful dashboards, VBA macros, MS-Access and SQL with help of a strong focus on case studies which ensures hands-on learning. The course will also take you through the powerful data visualization tool Tableau for presenting your analysis. It is one of the most efficient and flexible training programs wherein you can attend the live online sessions in self-paced video mode as well.

Who should attend ?

The best advanced Excel course in Delhi is appropriate for candidates from various quantitative backgrounds who are looking for more than the advanced excel training as it offers an opportunity to learn the job oriented Analytics and Reporting Skills with help of MS-Excel, VBA, MS-Access, SQL, and Tableau


  • These days’, Management information system and Data analysis are given utmost importance in any organization as it helps them in achieving a higher return on investment.
  • Learning advanced Excel helps in performing complex computations effortlessly. It is utilized in almost every office across the globe which offers a huge scope.
  • It enables you to perform large computations in a matter of few seconds using VBA and Macros.
  • It will help the organization in predicting their financial budget and revenues.
  • The course will help in fetching higher package as you would have the skills which companies are looking for.


  • Why Excel?
  • What is Excel?
  • Scope of Excel
  • History of Excel
  • Excel Extension
  • Basic and New Excel features
  • Understanding the Excel Ribbons and their groups
  • Types of cellreferences
  • Extract the data with Flash Fill
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Advance uses of Paste Special
  • Increase productivity with Excel Shortcut keys
  • Custom Number Format
  • Gotoand Goto Special
  • Hyperlink
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Name Manager
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Count Function
  • Find Unique Value using Countif
  • Sumproduct, Subtotal
  • Aggregate Group and Ungroup
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Data Validation
  • Advance Filter
  • Text Functions: Left, Mid, Right, Find,Replace,Substitute
  • Text to Column
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • If and Nested If condition
  • Types of Error
  • Date Functions
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Vlookup
  • Lookup
  • Hlookup
  • Match
  • Index
  • Offset
  • Choose
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Split Number and Text using Indirect
  • Rotate Range data using Indirect
  • Lookup data from Multiple sheet by Indirect
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Create Pivot Table from Different Sources
  • Group and Ungroup
  • Calculated Field and Calculated Item
  • Pivot Table Wizard Adding Interactivity with Slicers and Timeline
  • Pivot Table from Multiple Worksheets
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Chart
  • Different Types of Chart
  • Formatting and Customizing Charts
  • Use of Form Control in Chart
  • Adding Chart Element
  • Switching the row and column
  • Modifying the Data Range for Chart Series
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Table Design in Dashboard
  • Using Chart in Dashboard
  • Dashboard Design Principles
  • Advanced Dashboard Concepts
  • Pivot Table Driven Dashboard
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • You will get 100 Excel Interview problem statements for exercise
  • You will get Excel Interview questions and Answer sheets to crack the excel interview
  • Capstone Project-MIS Reporting life cycle
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