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Weekend(Sat & Sun)

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About the course

The training enables the students to use SQL for retrieving, storing, and updating data in Microsoft Access. VBA is one of the prominent software used by organizations for creating analysis and reporting programs from huge databases such as SQL server and counting, and Sybage to name a few. Microsoft Access is a database system which is designed for the individual as well as small and medium scale businesses that wish to capture, manage, and report the data in a professional manner.

Who should attend ?

The advanced MS Access training is best for software developers and data architects for developing application software. It enables you to manipulate data in ways which were never thought before. When reports are created using wizards, the information can be found easily


  • The MS Access course provides a significant ROI for the business as it trains you to get a grip over the various features that Access has to offer.
  • The students have a choice to choose from the wide array of topics that constitute the MS Access.
  • You can sign up for the first online session for an hour and further add extra hours or sign up for the 10 hour session package as per the requirement.
  • MS Access is used by millions of business organizations due to its flexibility, ease of use, and implementation of massive features. The training can help in securing a promising and lucrative career in premier organizations.
  • You will play an important role in the decision-making as the management will study reports created from your data analysis which will enhance your worth and position in the organization.


  • Why VBA MS-Access ?
  • What is VBA MS Access ?
  • Scope of VBA MS-Access
  • History of MS Acces
  • Terminology
  • Data Type
  • Constraints
  • Relationship with Tables
  • Create tables with multiple ways
  • DoCmd commands
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • What is query?
  • Types of Query
  • Select
  • update
  • delete
  • append
  • crosstab
  • make a table
  • union
  • passthrough and Data definition query
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • What is Join?
  • Typeof Join
  • Inner
  • Left
  • Right
  • Full join
  • SQL Basic
  • SQL Intermediate Query
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Create data entry form
  • Create Reports Form
  • Create Login Form with validation
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Sub form (on current event)
  • On load
  • On click
  • After update
  • On Resize etc
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Aggregate –Dcount,Dmax,Dlookup
  • Program flow-Choose,IIF,Switch
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Create sub form
  • Link with table
  • Link with form
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Export/Import excel files
  • Link external file
  • Add record,updae,delete
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Connect with Outlook
  • Excel and SQL
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Error handling with open file
  • Recordset
  • On Error got to Err Name
  • On error resume next
  • On error goto Err
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Split data
  • Backend
  • Front end
  • Practice, Questions and exercise
  • Need to develop a MS Access based VBA tool to capture process data and generate reports.
  • Need to develop a MS Access based VBA tool to capture the quality parameters and generate reports.
  • Need to develop a MS Access based VBA tool to generate IRDA Report based on 4 tables.
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